Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Valentine's Day is coming close!

Six more days, and the most awaited day for some... or I should say many, is here.

I still remember the day when I heard of this "Valentine's Day". It was told over the news with the news of "Shiv Sainiks" attacking the different greeting card shops and flower stalls over the "foreign" culture invading India. I too supported the Shiv Sainiks then. (I had to, I had no girl to give a rose to. If I gave a rose to my then crush, I would have surely got thrashed beyond recognition).

The next year, I had no news of what happened on the Valentine's Day. I believe this time also, some shop owners booked losses on account of attacks and some others booked profits for heavier sales of flowers and cards.

The next 'turning point' came when I was in the college. I saw many couples going around on the Valentine's Day. Lots of hugs, lots of kisses and lots of roses exchanged. This time, I did wish that my then crush would accept a rose(if I had the balls to give one, that is). But I was lucky enough that though I did not give any rose, no one else dared to give one to her either. I was as happy as I would have been if she had accepted a thousand roses offered by me. ;-)

The next three Valentine's Days also passed in a similar fashion. Just like me, no one dared to give any rose to my crushes.

But the Valentine's Day after I left the college was a special one. This time, I was a stronger person. I gathered enough strength to send a rose to all the girls I had a crush on. It's not a mystery how I gathered this strength. After all, I was sending them all a Yellow Rose, and that too not a real one, only a photo of the yellow rose.

To play a safer game, however, I added even those girls in the list on whom I was not "fida". So that I could always point to another girl, whom I did not have any crush on, if a girl I had crush on would ask me why I sent the flower only to her. It's a different story that no girl asked me why I sent the flower. I only heard "Thank You" or nothing at all from the recipients.

This time, the plan is small. I would most likely not send a Yellow Rose to anyone. I would not send a red rose either. I plan to keep this time's Valentine's Day a silent one. I do not want to heat my head over which girl I like and which I do not. Coz the girl I like would anyway go away from me, and the girl I do not like...... well, why do I need to care for a girl I do not like?

Things would never change in a while, it took years for Himalayas to form, and same is with me. It would take years for me to form "love" in my mind.

I've heard "Love Happens", does it actually "Happen"?


  1. i am proud to innaugurate your blog with my first comment :-P.. As expected.. Mr. Cupid has to write about Love hehe.. good start

  2. Anonymous6:56 AM

    But I was lucky enough that though I did not give any rose, no one else dared to give one to her either. I was as happy as I would have been if she had accepted a thousand roses offered by me. ;-)

    kool lines man..keep it up..keep blogging....

  3. Anonymous7:47 AM

    heheeh!!! sahi hai bhidu... but gunny-boy love does happen to ppl who dare to choose the right ones resisting the wrong ones who are so cute and tempting.. u shall get it very soon.. so dont feel bad... valentines day is not only for GF's and BF's.. it can b told even with yellow roses... :p :p so happy valentines day.... *hugz*


  4. Anonymous11:36 AM

    good style,gunny...keep it up..speak out your mind..and may be the next time u may dare to send a red rose to the right person..!!

  5. Anonymous12:34 AM

    No Wonder Ganesh is fascinated by Valentine day. His approach is rather typical and cautious. Hope this year his dream will come true. (ofcourse with condition that "If he show up guts to propose some one, and if she agrees")

  6. Anonymous9:37 PM

    Gunny Boy u even write...I never knew about it...but how come ur blog has only 2 entries..write more to have more feedbacks from people..


  7. SO, was your Valentine with you this year? or is she in India.
    If she is with you, did she get roses?