Friday, March 10, 2006

I'm angry, but I will not become violent

I almost cried reading the news in the newspaper "Blasts rock Varanasi : 21 people dead".

I had no words. I thought it is better I did not read the news at the morning. I know if I read it, I would only be angry. It would spoil my day in the office, and I would keep thinking of the same things all over again, like a tape playing in my head with the same scene repeating - of the bomb that must have ripped through the bodies of innocent people.

This time, I was able to go to the office. I knew there would be no trouble. I happened to think once I reached the office - "What if the same blast had happened in a Mosque or a Church?" I have the answer:
1/ There would have been communal riots everywhere.
2/ Congress and all "secular" parties would have blamed the Hindus for the attack, saying that minorities are no more safe in India.
3/ RSS, BJP, VHP or Bajarang Dal would have been protrayed as terrorists.
4/ There would have been special laws made to deal with such situations only when the situations happen to hurt minorities.
5/ Most of the Hindu organisations would be banned.
6/ Reservations would be introduced for the minorties, saying that they are not safe in the country and they need to "brought up to the level of our society".

What has happened when blasts have happened in the temple?
1/ There have been no communal riots.
2/ Congress and "secular" parties have pointed the finger at Pakistan. Saying that there is no extremism growing within the country.
3/ RSS, BJP, VHP and Bajarang Dal have been blamed of taking "political mileage" of the terroritst act.
4/ No Islamic Terrorist organisation has been banned.
5/ Appeals have been made for national calm - again making the minorities feel that Hindus will remain calm only when "secular" parties appeal them to remain calm.

This time, it was the Hindu life that was lost. And a Hindu life does not carry any value. Secularists always have Pakistan to point our finger to, for anything that happens against the Hindus, thus making stronger the extremists growing within.

Till when will we keep turning a blind eye to the Islamic terrorism flourishing in the country? Why do we only see "Majority Extremism" and not "Minority Extremism"?

Race to become the next Jinnah
First, Hindus were divided by giving reservations to certain casts. Now, the "secular" parties are dividing India by taking the headcount of muslims in the various departpents. Agenda is simple - make the minorities feel that they are unsafe in India, and that they are the saviours of minorities - and votes will come to them. Keep the minorities backward, do not allow them to progress - because if they progress, then vote bank will not remain with the "secular" parties.

Secular parties are in a race.... a mad rat race on who would become the next Jinnah - the savior of minorities.

Very soon, we will have reservations for all sections of the society, and Congress and "secularists" will soon see a divided India, ready to be eaten like a big cake which is already cut.

And toppings on this cake will be the true secular people of India - irrespective of their religion. They will be Indians - who are Indians first and Hindus or Muslims or Christians or Sikhs later.

(I do not know how you people saw the word "secular" here. However, in the Indian context, meaning for the word secular is actually "pseudosecular").


  1. Words do not speak louder than Action!!!

  2. Anonymous3:51 AM

    i read ur post.. and its preety moving and u made a point and dude ur finger points at political parties ... they are the major trouble makers .. not indians
    lets hope peace prevails

  3. Anonymous9:28 PM


  4. Anonymous2:38 AM

    I really feel pity on you for the kind of haterdness you are growing with in yourself, Even surprised to see you being a KV product have got no real saksharta which is relly diferent from literate...
    If I was your enemy I would have told you to hate, hate and hate the muslim community and rape their mothers and sisters, who are just like your own mother and sisters..Kill them because they are Muslim/Christen...This is what you and ur like organizations RSS, VHP, SIMI say..

    Analize youself what have you got by hating others and spreading the word of hate...loss of peace of mind(Be honest)

    What is there with in u is not patriotism but terriosm.

    My advise will be "Life is too short to live fully, so live and let live"

  5. Hey nice flow of your views..
    and I too agree with you.. This keeps happening each and everytime.. and I hope the "anonymous" who dint even had the heart to comment with his/her name must have gone through the recent incidents in the country..

  6. Touching....Welcome to the world of blogging Gunny!!!