Sunday, February 15, 2009

The pink debate

We Hindus in India are more in need of "the pink condom" because India has one of the highest AIDS rates in the world.

Instead of providing the condoms to people who do not know that they need it, our friends are sending them to the modern ladies who already are aware that they need condoms. I am glad these ladies do what they like, and most of them use protection of a condom.

But then, there are some people who themselves do not use condoms (I am sure they do not know how to use one) and attack ladies in pubs for drinking. This is one issue that has turned me against the BJP. Instead of arresting the goons who attacked innocent people, both Congress and BJP are now in race to prove who is more conservative. Ashok Gehlot issued an anti-"Mall-Culture" statement the very next day.


Bajrang Dal idiots again brewed trouble by bashing up a brother and sister for being together. And in the end, who gets the blame by the media? RSS! The RSS which has always protested the Valentine's Day in the most peaceful way ever. I am glad that the RSS has kept its hands clean, but as always, it has been blamed for these incidents.

My Christian Catholic friend from Mangalore voted for the BJP in the last Karnataka elections and in the 2004 Lok Sabha elections. After the recent events, he has vowed never to vote for BJP again. He does not argue with me or debate with me on this. And I know I have no answers to his questions, even if he has any.

Why are we behaving like Taliban? Why are we attacking the same people who support us just because they do not agree with us on some things like women's freedom to life (in any form they like) and Valentine's Day?

I am a proponent of womens' freedom, and it no way is a threat to the Hindu society. If Hindu men can drink by freewill, Hindu women can too. If we are too concerned with 'pub culture', then we should support prohibition (banning of liquor that is). Thrashing up some women in the pub will not help - it will only turn women and youngsters against us. BJP can forget coming to power if it continues ignoring such nuisance makers. They have to be taken to task at any cost.

I too visit pubs, and I do it with my women friends at times. I do not drink though. Attack on any pub goer is an attack on me. So any justification of the attack saying that it happened because of pub culture is unwelcome.

I would rather vote Congress or CPM who will make sure such attackers are brought to book for the fear of losing minority votes. At least it will save the face of us Hindus.


  1. India's problem is like that of one of sisters.
    My sister has one solution for everything and that is to cry....
    In India for every problem the only solution is to politicise the issue and play a blame game....
    The biggest problem is that we bother more about "Who" rather than "How/Why/What".

  2. Hmmmm interesting Gunny. Looking forward to more posts.......

  3. I totally support you here. I don't know why BJP is bent on makins sure this is the last time they are voted to power in South India.
    The pub incident has seriously dented not just BJP's state power but national power as well.

    Not just the pub incident, recently BJP has deprived the Lok Yukta of lot of their powers for their selfish reason. The Lok Yukta was a strong body fighting against corruption and now their wings have been cut off.

    I am proud to be a Hindu, but I don't take pride in extremism. The last things Hindus need to do is have their own version of taliban ! In case these people really understand our culture, then they ll also realise this proverb: "Vinaashakaale Vipreetabuddhihi"

  4. Very well expressed gunny bhai!