Friday, May 01, 2009

"Why I've voted for Congress"

I was checking the daily news on when I saw the title "Terrorism Started Because of BJP". I thought what this gentleman said was right. After all, if there was no BJP, we all would have been leading peaceful lives in a secular India where no one would have been discriminated against and no one would have killed a fellow citizen on the the name of religion.

I hate BJP. Why? They have fuelled passion in India which has dragged India down.

They are the reason why India's partition happened in 1947. It was because of their anti-Muslim attitude that our Muslim brothers were forced to fight for a new nation.

The Jammu-Kashmir dispute another example of the evil doing of the BJP. Pakistan would have never asked for Kashmir to be theirs if the BJP had not taken up the issue of article 370. The BJP always wants Muslims not to have special rights. This forces a section of our Muslim brothers to resort to violence. What can they do other than fight when denied special rights?

Israel-Palestine dispute has been an issue which has rocked the world. Palestinians had no other option than terrorism to fight for their freedom. Israel Palestine dispute happened only because of the BJP. BJP's communal attitude polarized Jews against Muslims, and now an aam aadmi like me has bear the brunt of anger of the Muslim brothers.

LTTE is credited with the start of suicide attacks. Why did the LTTE start its operations? It is because of the BJP. BJP's pro-Hindu attitude that LTTE was forced into terrorism. Now, the Sri-Lankan govt. is slaughtering Tamils with the help of the BJP.

Let us forget about the communal character of the BJP. On the issue of development, what has the BJP done? In the 6 years of their rule, the BJP has not done anything. Okay, they built more roads than the Congress did in 60 years, conducted nuclear tests and established India as a nuclear power, gave India the first stable coalition govt. etc. But what have they done that I can remember? Absolutely nothing.

In Contrast to all above, look at Congress:
  • They helped our Muslim brethren vent their anger through bomb blasts.
  • They repealed POTA, thus showing the world that India does not care for Indians as a whole; but India cares for individual communities which act as vote banks.
  • They tried to bring the IMDT back so as to help our brothers from Bangladesh who have illegally tried to live in India. Manmohanji tried his best to provide them a haven in India, but failed I am sure is because of the BJP.
  • The biggest achievement of Congress was that they worked with the left parties. The left parties kept acting as an opposition party, criticizing Congress at every step. But still Congress kept the govt. afloat without doing anything for 4.5 yrs.
  • They filed an affidavit in the Supreme Court saying that Lord Rama never existed and His story is a myth. I am a devotee of Lord Rama, and I am proud of the Congress that they proved that I and for that matter- all Hindus - are idiots. I would have been furious if they had said that Muhammad or Jesus never existed as it would have been a blot on secularist nature of India.
For me, Congress is the perfect party. They are better than the BJP which was formed in 1980, but has been hate-mongering since the Mughals came into India. All the Hindu-Muslim riots that happened since 1600's are because of the BJP. BJP is also the reason why 9/11 happened in America.

For me, all evil in this world is because of the BJP. I am a Congress voter, and I will always vote for the Congress. Come what may.

Mera vote Congress ko!


  1. Well... When the congress gets decimated, the reason is because ... no prizes for guessing :D

  2. Anonymous2:03 AM

    Ur wrong gunny. u have got ur facts wrong. The conflicts which happen throughout the world are not because of the lotus party. They came into existence only 29 yrs ago. Don't blame the lotus party for all those things. Btw, why did u tell the party u voted for ? don't u know it is illegal to disclose ? anyways take care gunpot. next time, check ur facts before posting anything

  3. "But what have they done that I can remember? Absolutely nothing."
    Your ignorance about something does not change anything.

  4. Felt the sarcasm in the article!!! Real nice...

  5. True what you said..There is a saying " No one ever kicked a dead dog ". the dogs who get kicked are the ones who bark. Dead dogs are ignored, but ultimately land up their breed in the dust bin.

    BJP gets kicked because they try to do something.

    Congress has proved its impotencylong back and people have got used to ignoring them.

    Congress will never do anything for the minority because they thrive on the suffering of the minority and then providing them virtual sympathy. The unfortunate minority do not realise this and percieve Congress as Godmen.

    Since Congress does not do anything, there is no achievement, but there is o risk too, and I can sit back comfortably and keep expanding my tummy- Hence my vote for congress too, at least till some bomb blast swallows me :P

    1. It is true that Congress do not want to do anything for the country because if they eradicate, hunger, poverty, and inequality then who will vote for them. They would not be able to play their dirty politics.

      It is not the urban India votes, it is the rural India who votes in elections and Congress finds it very easy to fool them. Congress being in power for so long and the reason India is lacking behind in world economy is a testimony to this fact.

  6. I sense the same anger and frustration as I have for Congress party. Corruption, Red tapism and sick policies brought by congress during their >50yrs ruling cannot be eradicated easily.
    But the fact is 90% of the people who vote and play most significant role in forming the government are poor/below poverty line. These people don't have basic life necessities, how can we expect these people will think above “do wakt ki roti”. Congress knows well how to lure poor and innocent junta. The "Gandhi" dynasty is hard to die in India.
    If Rahul / Priyanka stand for the post of PM, Bookhi/Gareeb janta will forget everything and rush to shower their love on them.
    “sab hain baimaan...fir bhi mera desh mahaan”

  7. I would "vote" for the congress too. Coz they have championed the cause of reservations.

    Having more groups and subgroups would be wonderful.. With divisions in our country, fighting would be so much more exciting.. I swear by Italy, I love you congress.

  8. I do not understand how favoring one group/ community/ religion is called secularism. It happens only in India. Manmohan Singh never won a Lok Sabha seat, which means Aam Aadmi never voted for him but still he is the PM of India for two consecutive terms & still we call ourselves a democracy. It happens only in India. 'Congress ki Jai'.

  9. #hahahaaaaa. . . . .
    I thnk this blogger is the biggest fool of the earth. . . . . Tell us Mr. Gunny your mother or ur father who works for congress... Lolll

    1. Naxals always find non-Naxals to be fools :-)