Monday, March 18, 2013

Exposé of AAP's "Modi exposé"

Mr. Narendra Modi's government was "exposed" by Aam Aadmi Party just a few days before Gujarat elections. While the so called exposé hardly seems to have cut votes, it did raise a few questions on functioning of Modi govt. Here is the link to AAP's Pol-Khol page.

What it did not do - is raise questions on AAP's method of exposé. Did they tell you the truth? Did they hide any information? Did they lie? You judge for yourself after reading this blog and the links provided in support.

If I am wrong, please leave a comment with valid proof and I will respond.

Before reading below, keep these simple acronyms in mind:
KSK: Electricity Generation Company
GUVNL: Gujarat Electricity Company
GMDC: Gujarat Mineral Development Company

Part 1 - AAP lies on Adani and Gujarat Govt

What allegations did AAP make?

Following were the claims made by AAP to prove that Gujarat Govt is "Adani ki Dukaan" (Meaning, Gujarat Govt. is the front for Adani Group).
  1. KSK agreed to supply power at rate of Rs. 2.25/unit while Adanis agreed to supply at 2.35/unit and 2.89/unit.
  2. Gujarat govt had to give coal blocks through GMDC to Adani & KSK in order to get these rates for GUVNL.
  3. Gujarat High Court passed a stinging order against Modi Government for brazenly manipulating the bidding process and for favoring Adanis.
  4. Adanis backed out of the deal with Gujarat govt, and Modi asked govt to supply 50% of Naini coal block to Adani so that they would supply power at promised rates, even though Adanis quoted higher rates.
  5. Even after this, Adanis unilaterally canceled the agreement with Gujarat govt but kept the coal blocks.
  6. This is the exact statement from Aam Aadmi Party Pol-Khol page
So, in effect, Adanis walked away with coal blocks without supplying the electricity at cheaper rates.

AAP also published a file noting by Mr. Modi himself, in which he supposedly orders giving 50% of Naini coal block to Adanis.

What did AAP hide?

There are many things Aam Aadmi Party did not tell us. So what did they not tell us?

Read this news report before we go further: SC admits Adani Power plea against Aptel order

AAP hid from us the following details:
  1. Gujarat govt did not supply any coal to Adani.
  2. Adani is still supplying power to Gujarat govt (GUVNL) at Rs. 2.35/unit without getting any coal blocks.
  3. Adanis are fighting in court against Gujarat govt for not providing coal blocks, yet supplying power at cheap rates. In other words, Modi govt is fighting Adanis in court over cheaper power supply to Gujarat.
  4. Modi made another file noting (page 17 here), in which he said KSK will supply power from Morga-II blocks. So KSK remained an electricity supplier and was not replaced by Adani. Adani was favored only because they would supply power sooner than others (in year 2009).
  5. Adani group's selection was in addition to KSK group's, and both were for different coal mines.

Many Aam Aadmi Party supporters asked for "solid evidence" to prove that Adani is supplying power without getting coal. I am attaching a link to APTEL judgement that ordered Adani to supply electricity even as Gujarat govt denied coal supply to it.

Aptel Judgement against Adani appeal, which Gujarat govt won, for not supplying coal to Adani:

What is the reality?

Adani is supplying power at 2.35/unit without getting coal blocks.

AAP chose to present selective statements from the pol-khol documents. They hid specific facts outside of those documents (like court case between Gujarat govt and Adanis over coal block allocation over govt's refusal to provide coal).

AAP manufactured these allegations based on old news reports. While it is true that Adanis were proposed to be allotted Naini coal block earlier in 2009, this allocation proposal was canceled as early as 2010.

News reports were categorically hidden from readers by AAP to misguide the public.

"Aam Aadmi Party Effect"

Gujarat not supplying coal to Adanis is not "Aam Aadmi Party Effect", because in 2010 when allocation proposal was scrapped, there was no AAP or IAC.

It is noteworthy that Mr. Kejriwal got documents for his "Modi exposé" from self-proclaimed "Top Cop" Sanjiv Bhatt, whose wife was contesting Gujarat elections against Narendra Modi on Congress ticket. This exposé by AAP was clearly timed to coincide with Gujarat elections, in hopes of ensuring Congress win. If this does not put AAP in bed with Congress, I wonder what else will.

More is coming in other parts of my exposé. Stay tuned.

Updated (23/March/2013): Part-2 of Exposé of AAP's Modi exposé released: How AAP valued urban land & rural land at the same price to trap Modi.
Updated (31/March/2013): Part-2 of Exposé of AAP's Modi exposé released: Exposé of AAP's Modi exposé: Private-Public Partnership.
Note: Anonymous/Non-Anonymous comments from opposing view points welcome. Abusive comments will be removed.


  1. Anonymous1:42 AM

    great . :)

    1. Anonymous4:45 PM

      0 substance article, If this article is true why modi doesn't file defamation suit against kejriwal? whats the fear?

    2. Because Mr. Modi knows that it is not wise to bark back at street dogs.

    3. Anonymous12:31 AM

      AAP should not stop exposing people else there would be someone who will expose them soon.
      Guys, be innovatiove rather than playing in a Mud with pig. Modi Govt. has brighten up and whole world knows about it. As Modi said, ' If you do something for people, people will forgive your mistakes'.
      Totally Crap Idea of Exposing Modi Govt.

    4. who dont have a name of itself is teaching us who to trust
      @Anonymous upar wala

    5. @Anonymous : LOL u want a case against Kejriwal so that he gets free ki publicity.. why shud a man if stature of NarendrA Modi reply to street urchin like Kejriwal.... haathi chale bazaar kuttey bhonke hazaar

    6. My name is vaibhav, as i know u guys are really very much repectable.........I also think Mr. Modi have to put defemation suit against kejriwal...............what uptill now he has done suitable to normal citizens.............we want right to reject, right to recall, strong Janlokpal, gram sabha and mohalla sabha..............he is just spreading things without facts thats why he is coined as when modi will answer this i will too apraise modi

    7. @vaibhav: You are too naive to think that Kejriwal will give you all those you are asking for. He has not implemented internal lokpal properly within the party. There is no RTI in AAP except in Facebook posts.

      I know it is useless telling you this as you're probably already brainwashed - Stop following AAP and Kejriwal and believing in their solutions. Their solutions are not solutions but idealistic non sense that cannot be implemented EVEN within their own party.

      As far as Modi is concerned, he doesn't throw stones at every dog that barks at him. Kejriwal is one of such mad barking dogs who colludes with Congress to defame their opponents, as proven here.

    8. @Anonymous - Why are you anonymous in the first place? Scared to show your face? Secondly, counter the facts and logic given in the article by counter facts and counter logic. Don't go tangentially and give some perverted logic such as A did not do B and so X is true (Read - Modi should have filed for defamation and so Kejri's claims are true!!). Modi is not an out-of-job person sitting at home like Kejri. He is busy preparing to lead the country and knows that people themselves pelt stones at barking street dogs without a job.

    9. @Gunny: Kejri is now a political mercinary for hire. Anybody can hire him to defame political opponents. Integrity of this chameleon is highly questionable and I am hoping that a sting operation that uncovers the money that he receives from Congress will be out sometime, better sooner than later.

  2. I had very high regards, for Kejriwal but he has disappointed many people like me. He may be very honest but that does not mean he can accuse anyone any which way he likes!

    1. Anonymous4:46 PM

      0 substance article, If this article is true why modi doesn't file defamation suit against kejriwal? why does modi fear Kejriwal ?

      also why doesn't Modi reply to 14000+ RTI applications pending in Gujarat ? hiding his scams ?

    2. Anonymous9:08 PM

      File one RTI and ask how much RTI filed in nation for last one year and how much is being replied back.

  3. Anonymous2:07 AM

    Thats the Blough of Kejri nailed

    1. There's more coming. This is not the only lie. The whole pol-khol was a dubious exercise.

  4. I have had great regards for Arvind kehriwal. But this unintelligent expose with half information may misguide some. They knowingly or unknowingly became congress agents. No one can deny the progress that Gujarat has achieved under Narendra Modi ji.
    AAP people will only harm the nation with making congress win again.

    1. Anonymous4:47 PM

      0 substance article , If this article is true why modi doesn't file defamation suit against kejriwal? why does modi fear Kejriwal ?

      also why doesn't Modi reply to 14000+ RTI applications pending in Gujarat ? hiding his scams ?

    2. modi ko pata hein ki chote bhokte kutto ke muh nahi lagte

  5. Anonymous3:26 AM

    Ha ha ha ha ha .... hard facts and evidences are being countered by a story. Too amateurish.

    1. You are free to counter my "story". I will correct my blog if you provide facts against "story" I provided here.

    2. Anonymous8:17 AM

      He cannot ..... that's the intellectual level of aap suporters

    3. You should respect, bow and believe everything that Kejriwal says. Anyone who questions his saying is a traitor. Who cares about logic when it comes to relationship of master slave.

    4. Anonymous2:02 PM

      @Gunny... Provide some solid evidences to back this story. This story is too soft and incoherent. I can blow off this story in a minute provided Modi or BJP endorse it. I hope you have got to know about CAG report as well. Now don't say CAG was politically motivated ....

    5. Evidence is court case Adani is fighting against Gujarat govt. If that's not solid evidence, what else is?

      If you can blow off this story, why not blow it? I'll remove this story if I'm debunked.

      BTW there's more coming. This is not the end.

    6. Anonymous9:16 PM

      I wonder after 20 years also would Kejriwal or AAP will wear same cap??? If AAP come in power they will not accept any mistake as congress is doing (We have seen several times that Kejriwal is not accepting their mistakes). Then what is the difference

    7. Anonymous9:20 PM

      one more thing... Kejriwal resigned from IRS saying everything is corrupted....will he do it same for nation also when he will come in power???? Is he enough powerful personality who can come up and erase the corruption????

    8. AAP formation itself is an off shoot of " Break people's Movement" of Anna by cong and Kapil sibal. AK must have got good fortune to successfully break the unity of ppls mvmnt. Now, he talks of coruption in BJP . Has he evr questioned Mulayam, Mayavati, MMS, PC,SG and family? He is a front of corrupt congress. Just reject him out rightly. You can re- elect SD but never make the mistake of voting AAP

    9. Good reply. India is a country where people just easly believe what told by some self proclaimed honest persons like Kejriwal.Why not try out Modi and BJP in 2014 - 2019 with maximum seats of 272. Put pressure on them for good governance and if they don't deliver elect Kejriwal and AAP in Lok Sabha in 2019. Thats it very simple. Till then Why not Kajriwal become a CM of a State and prove that he is capable of doing what he is saying? Or is he really did things in Delhi which he said before election? What I am trying to say is that AAP and Kajriwal is not TESTED. I do not believe them until they are showing me a modal of governance in a state and then implementing those experiments in India as whole.

    10. THe above comments of "Lauren Thompson" who lives in TAxas. WHY THERE IS AN AMERICAN IDIOT COMMENTING ON INDIAN POLITICS. WHAT THE HELL SHE WANTS. Did we Indians ever tried to influence their politics?

  6. Gujarat vikaas ko ek bada 'ad' bana k uske upar modi aur bjp ki help se vote bank politics chala rahe hai..asal me log Gujarat me mehangai se dukhi hai...vikas k naam pe Gujarat me mehgai badha di hai modi ji ne...ahmedabad me ek middle class family 2 bhk flat bhi buy nahi kar sakta. .it cost 25-30 lacs. ..thanks to modi vikas for this ridiculous is no less than 5000 rs. ..if u are earning 10000 rs u will never b able to buy even 1-2 bhk flat...I am not talking about only Ahmedabad ...all major cities in Gujarat. ...ridiculous prices rise up is only bcoz of so called-- modi vikas--.

    1. I live in Kerala. Here, Modi doesn't rule. For a dingy house in a small town we've to pay minimum 6k rent.

      2BHK flat costs 45L+ in cities and 30L+ in towns.

      Is Modi responsible for this also?

    2. 2bhk flat 25 - 30 lacs in ahmedabad.. come to other cities my friend this rates are more cheaper than any other cities..

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. You sir, are an Idiot. 25-30 lacs? Ahmedabad is the capital of Gujarat and still pretty cheap when it comes to property. Do you have any idea of other capital cities like Lucknow, Chandigarh etc. They have property rates almost twice of the ones you mentioned. And don't even start talking about tier I cities and capitals. You will have to sell your body parts to buy a flat. Please update your facts before being so ridiculous, because it makes it look like you are actually trying to make a fool of yourself on purpose.

    5. iam from punjab, 2bhk flat in Chandigarh would cost you no less than 50lakh . 2 room set for rent would cost you more than 10 k...what are you talking about. Ahmadabad is a very big city in compare to chd.

    6. 37 lakhs for 1 bhk sector 20 noida

    7. bhai log kis chutiye ko samjha rahe ho...usne abhi duniya dekhi hi kahan hai...vasundhara/vaishali (Ghaziabad) me 2BHK banane layak jameen 1 crore ki hai...agar theek si jagah ho to...aur ye jab hai ki na bijli na paani...

      25-30 lacs me jab NCR me flat milne lag jaenge na to ye samajh lena ki "1 Rs = 1 $"

    8. Ye admi to lol hai :D

    9. 1bhk in mumbai costs 70 lacs modi responsible for tht 2??

    10. U my friend are bhighest category isiot.. u must have never visited another state did u?? I am from Dehradun and its a Tier 3 City way behind Ahmedabad.. 2BHK flat here costs around 40-50 Lakhs and We have given 1 room for rent for 3.5K.. 2 rooms will go for 6Katleast... Is Modi responsible for this too..

    11. come to Allahabad..2 BHK will cost you 40+...Thanks to मसाज-वाद. (समाजवाद)

    12. This Gaurav Patel must be one of those patels who are against Modi. I am my self is patel from gujarat. I reside in USA, when i talked to family members in gujarat they tell me more and more patel are going against Narendra modi bcz he doesn't give importance to Patels and he listens to every one regardless what cast they are from. This is what bothers patels in some part of gujarat. They want a special attention from modi, which modi is not willing to do. Jatiwad is still prevalent in patel community. Modi is the best thing that happened for Gujarat after Sardar Patel and Mahatma. I remember when i used to live in ahmedabad when Chiman patel was C.M every single day we used to hear news of komi danga in the city. Water, electricity, roads problems every where. Last time i visited Ahmadabad 5 years ago, no more problems of water, electricity and roads are great even in villages.

  7. And this so called vikas is bcoz of nri people investment. .not only bcoz of modi.

    1. On the contrary, real estate costs escalate because of NRI investment. NRIs don't invest in roads, water & electricity.

      They invest in houses and offices, thus contributing to real estate price escalation.

      If you've any points to refute in my blog, please do. I'm willing to pull it down if I'm found wrong.

    2. Gujarat is not the only state with NRIs, there are many others. Example: Kerela, Punjab, Maharashtra etc. Why are NRIs feeling comfortable in investing in Gujarat only? Simple reason is due to Modi's administrative skills in which he has removed red tape, skinned the bureaucracy and the decision-making/approvals is much faster. So, even though you use last name Patel to fool some people, reality maybe different. Lets give the man appreciation he deserves.

    3. So Mr. Gaurav Patel, you mean to say NRI's are investing because of you or Kejriwal? What kind of an idiot are you? You simply turn away from the fact that NRI's or anybody else is investing in Gujarat because Modi has provided them a favorable environment.

    4. Patel bhi ho NRI kisi state ko itna develop nahi kar sakte...

      aur maan lo agar kar bhi dete to Gujraat hi kyo...???

      tum ho talab ke maindhak bas...

  8. Mainstream media will never reveal these facts.

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. Niranjan Pai4:27 AM

    Great blog! .. well written - simple to understand and to the point. Looking forward for more 'exposes' :D

  11. Anonymous5:04 AM

    Why Modi gov is not filing defamation cases against AAP?

    1. Modi has no time. That man sleeps for 4hrs a day only.

      He should not waste his time on attention seekers like AAP. We common people will do that job for him.

    2. If Modi starts doing that, then courts have been filled with such cases in last 10 years and Gujarat would have ended up just like New Delhi where there is no development. Instead Modi's style is not to engage with such barking dogs of AAP because when elephant passes dogs bark but elephant keep on walking in his style.

    3. If Modi starts filing defamation suits then half of the journos would have to be in Jail. Modi never filed any case against any of his critics. Imagine what happens if Modi files cases. All these people who are barking against Modi will say that Modi is fearing to face criticism that is why he is suppressing the voices through legal means and expensive suits which a common man cannot afford. Modi has immense support base. No other leader in India can match him. But still he never uses them to shut the opposing voices. Rouges like Teesta Setalvad, Shabnam Hashmi, Mallika Sarabhai etc wander freely throughout Gujarat abusing Modi and BJP with all nasty words and proclaiming to the world that Gujarat is unsafe. But till date not a single BJP Karyakarta or Modi fan attacked them or disrupted their Anti-Modi meetings. If these 'activists' do what they have done to Modi to any other leader like Maya, Mulayam, Lalu or Karunanidhi or Jayalalitha etc then their karyakartas would have broken the bones of these 'activists'.

    4. Modi has important things to do in life, than filing cases against low-lifes like Kejri and AAP supporters.

    5. Modi ji is only interested in betterment of his people, Gujarat & India. He doesn't have to pay attention to a mongrel like kejriwal who has aligned with congress after shouting 'congress is corrupt' & after swearing on his children that he will never go with cong/BJP. This turncoat is best ignored.

  12. this blog simply try to mislead ppl , all know AAP and MODI both are good for the nation.Why should this blog is not exposing the govt policy which are exposed by kejriwal.I think you ppl does not have power enough to speak abt govt corrupt policy

    1. Shashank, can you explain which part misleads people with falsehood? Please be specific in your contention.

      I will remove the part that is false if you provide me proof against it. If my whole blog can be disproved, I will pull down the whole blog.

      As far as corruption is concerned, I have said many times earlier that BJP is corrupt. But that doesn't give AAP immunity from questions.

    2. Madhu6:42 AM

      Typical response like AAP's expose on Modi.Go through the links provided by Gunnyji.
      Oye Shashank ji why don't you ask Kejriwal, what his views on J&K and Kashmiri Pandits? What are his views on the land occupied by China and the land gifted by Pakistan to China.
      Why Prashant Bhushan asks for plebiscite now when 450-500k Kashmiri Pandits are driven out and now they count about 750k+ .How they gonna make them settle.What is the guarantee that PoK wasn't flooded by Pakis just like Chinese flooded their citizens into Tibet.

    3. what kajri baabu will say...he has published open letter to muslim saying Batla House encounter was what else do u expect from succha a cheap guy...!!!

  13. Anonymous6:34 AM

    There goes commie khujliwals pol-khol in thin air.
    Hope CONgress ka haath AAP se saath will make a statement on this.Till now after the so called expose they haven't but at some point they will be asked.

    Gunny do you have any info on AAP's mukhiya's views on J&K.And why Bhushan hasn't filed any case wrt Italian marines.

    1. AAP is very secretive about J&K issue, but almost all of its top leadership believes same as Bhushan does, but secretly.

      Bhushan won't file any PIL on Italian Marines. It won't fetch them votes. Right now, only issue of corruption is vote-fetching.

      AAP's foundation is on assumption that Congress=BJP. It's a very shaky foundation. Some more exposés on AAP and AAP will have a lot of answering to do.

  14. PG Nambiar6:58 AM

    "Adani is still supplying power to Gujarat govt (GUVNL) at Rs. 2.35/unit without getting any coal blocks."
    Wonderful...No where you will get power cheaper than this.

    Attacking Narendra Modi is the sign of being secular and being concerned about the so called minorities.No one wants to see the truth.

  15. Here is more dope on the dope called Arvind Kejriwal

  16. अरविन्द केजरीवाल तो झूठा है, आम आदमी भी झूठा है.. कैग का क्या करें? चलो उसको भी झूठा बोल दो..

    1. This blog is not meant to defend BJP, but to implicate lies of AAP.

      If AAP & Kejriwal think they can escape scrutiny by pointing fingers at others, they are wrong.

      AAP is no party of saints, and they will be exposed as they expose others.

  17. अरविन्द तो झूठा है, आम आदमी पार्टी भी झूठी और सारे आम आदमी भी झूठे हैं.. लेकिन ये कैग का क्या करें भाई? ऐसी ऐसी रिपोर्ट दे रहे हैं.. चलो चलो... कैग को भी झूठा बोल देते हैं..

    1. Sumit,
      If you have anything to refute the SPECIFIC AAP allegation I've debunked here, share with me.

      What's said here is with supporting facts. You've shared a link of other issues which I haven't looked at yet.

      So far, not one AAP member has been able to debunk this article. All are calling it farce with nothing to support their claim.

    2. Anonymous8:23 PM

      Gormless AAptards and there doltish allegations has Khujliwal ever bothered to tell people that supreme court has praised gujrat govt for there land acquisition bill NO he is a Discombobulated nincompoop like u

  18. अरे राम राम! ये राम भक्तों पर कैसा अन्याय.. हे राम! तुम्हारा मंदिर भव्य बनवाने में कौन सी कमी कर दी थी मोदी जी ने जो कैग के रूप में दुष्टों को भेज दिया.. अरे ये भ्रष्टाचार करते हैं तो करने दो न..इन पर आरोप मत लगाओ बस..

    1. apni sarkar aur sttake lalach me itne andhe ho gaye ho ki abh tum bhi CONgress ki bhasa bolle lage ho..
      kabhi nahi socha tha ki jin anna k andolan ko maine support kiyatha uske
      kuchch supporter khud satta ki lalsa me itne andhe aur dhut ho jayege ki apni vani pr bhi kabu kho bethege...
      pure desh me ek umang jagi thi corruption ke khilaf tum logo ne satta lalsa me me use bigad diya...
      ab AAP se kya ummid kare?
      jo aapni line badi banane ke liye dusre ki line choti karte hein
      hasi aati hein #AAPtard ki dimagi halat pr

  19. Anonymous4:48 PM

    0 substance article , If this article is true why modi doesn't file defamation suit against kejriwal? why does modi fear Kejriwal ?

    also why doesn't Modi reply to 14000+ RTI applications pending in Gujarat ? hiding his scams ?

    1. Refute the articles with facts and I'll pull it down.

      Modi has no time for attention seekers like Kejriwal.

    2. Anonymous6:32 PM

      nikal gayi hava ? ho gaya gubbara fuss ?

      Modi could be your God, who pays you for these 0 substance articles, but atleast not ours.

      already it is a fact, if he can't move a defamation notice against kejriwal itself proves Kejriwal word to word were TRUE, and we belive him 100% as he produced with hard facts

      also why doesn't modi answering pending RTI applications ? again no time for it ? ha ha .....

      we all are aware he is very busy doing scams in GSPC , & other related companies

      #ModiScams 1) Land for Nano plant at low rate:
      The state government allotted (cont)

      #ModiScams 2) Land sold cheap to Adani Group:
      Land was allotted to Adani Group (cont)

      #ModiScams3) Cheap land for ind, not for airforce:
      The Gujarat government (cont)

      #ModiScams 4) Agricultuure University land allotted for hotel:
      State government (cont)

      #ModiScams 5) Border land for chemical firms:
      A huge plot of land near the (cont)

      #ModiScams 6) Essar Group's encroachment:
      State government has allotted 2.08 (cont)

      #ModiScams 7) Land given to Bharat Hotel:
      Prime land was allotted to Bharat (cont)

      #ModiScams 8) Corruption in allotment of lakes:
      State government, in 2008, (cont)

      #ModiScams 9) Land given to L&T:
      Larson & Toubro (L&T) was allotted 80 hectare land at Hazira at the rate of Re1 per square metre.

      #ModiScams 10) Land allotted to other industries:
      Instead of auctioning prime (cont)

      #ModiScams 11) Cattle feed fraud: The Gujarat government had purchased cattle (cont)

      #ModiScams 12) Scam in Anganwadi centres: Two bidders apparently formed a cartel (cont)

      #ModiScams 13) GSPC: Despite an investment of Rs4933.50 crore, GSPC has been (cont)

      #ModiScams 14) Luxury aircraft used by CM: Instead of using commercial flights or (cont)

      #ModiScams 15) Rs500 crore SSY scam: The Rs6237.33 crore Sujalam Sufalam Yojana (cont)

      #ModiScams 16) Indigold Refinery land scam: Around 36.25 acre farmland in Kutch (cont)

      #ModiScams 17) Swan Energy:49% of the shares of Pipavav Power Station of GSPC were sold to Swan Energy without inviting any tenders.

    3. Anonymous7:07 PM

      it would hardly take 2 mins to send defamation notice to Kejriwal if moodie your god wants, he just have to pickup his phone and call his lawyers they can do it hard and fast.

      another option is calling Adani to do it....afterall ......he is running Adani's shop since so many years in gujarat...

      but both these two, won't send any notice , as they are well aware, kejriwal said only that for which he had hard core proof.

      so now modi have once again started spreading rumours by paying people like this website moderators to defame kejriwal .

      keep trying , people are not fool anymore...even not lapdogs of ambani who runs IBN7 & CNNIBN channels....whose editors ask not to show kejriwal just bcoz he exposed ambani with Swiss account number details and hard facts

      also, you see, Sheila dixit atleast filed Defamation suit on kejriwal, and nobody from BJP is filing any defamation, when they have advocates like Arun jaitley. it seems Kejriwal is in BJP's Team.

      But giving it a second thought it looks like , Kejriwal is A Team of both BJP+Cong+BSP+SP+AKALI+other which are now B teams,

      And as a Aam aadmi suffering of price rise every day, i would prefer to extend my full support to kejriwal in his good cause...

      long live AAP

    4. Anonymous8:18 PM

      To Anonymous aapi :- you and your kejriwal wants free publicity. If anyone files a defamation suit against your halliwal you will get it and you are trying for it very hard right ? And thats why NaMo is not filing anything against you. Even Azim Premji said that halliwal and media are jumping from one issue to another instead of focusing on any. Why are you people doing it ? Why dont you people file a case and fight ? Hava nikalne ke liye congress se zyada paisa chahiye kya ??

    5. U AAP crapsters wnt every1 to file defamation suits,FIR's etc etc.
      If u hav so called HARD FACTS, why dnt u file an PIL or an FIR agnst modi?
      Wen kejriwal ws asked ths qustn, he says i m nt in govt so its nt my job to investigate.......
      as gunny is repeatedly sayin, cn evn 1 AAP suporter write wit prof ths article is wrng?? Modi or bjp mite hav paid hm, not ur problem. Ur objectiv is to proove ths article is wrng.
      So can any of u,instead of goin off on a tangent,stay to coment on ths article?

  20. Anonymous5:55 PM

    Did Modi ask GMDC to give Naini coal to Adani? Was this based on blatantly manipulated arguments? Was this allocation done and GMDC chairman transferred?

    1. So what you're saying is that Modi made GMDC coal allocation to Adani, transferred chairman when chairman opposed allocation, then later fought Adani in court saying that same coal allocation he had done earlier was not done.

      Makes perfect sense.

      Modi fooled Adani over coal allocation and got cheap electricity for Gujarat.

      The picture emerging now is that AAP working on behalf of Adani in defaming Modi govt because Adanis did not get the coal block as "promised" by Modi.

    2. ab AAP vale anti-constructionis kam aur satta lalsi polititions kutte jyada hein...
      agar tum sachche ho to public profile se reply karo yu naam bina kyu bat karte ho?
      kya AAP paid ho?

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  21. Anonymous8:17 PM

    To Anonymous aapi :- you and your kejriwal wants free publicity. If anyone files a defamation suit against your halliwal you will get it and you are trying for it very hard right ? And thats why NaMo is not filing anything against you. Even Azim Premji said that halliwal and media are jumping from one issue to another instead of focusing on any. Why are you people doing it ? Why dont you people file a case and fight ? Hava nikalne ke liye congress se zyada paisa chahiye kya ??

  22. Dear Aam Aadmi Party Walahs,
    This blog entry was not to defend Modi or Gujarat govt.

    This blog is meant specifically to implicate AAP in lies it is spreading to meets its political agenda.

    If you post about Modi/BJP/Congress scams, that in no way gives immunity to AAP from answering questions.

    AAP thinks that by pointing fingers at others, it can escape scrutiny. You just can't escape scrutiny for your actions because now you are a political party much like others.

  23. Anonymous10:21 PM

    The Reason why we support AAM AADMI PARTY is:

    meri ruchi is baat me nahi ki kaise satta haasil ki jaaye, balki is baat me hai ki kaise satta ka niyantran janta ke haath me de diya jaaye : said by JaiPrakash Narayan

    this is what Arvind is fighting for....

    1. Aam Aadmi Party cannot try to get "satta" (power) by spreading lies and living in denial about its own members.

      I have updated my blog with "solid proof", I still challenge AAP to deny what I've written with proper proof.

  24. Anonymous10:23 PM

    A = Arvind Kejriwal or AAM AADMI PARTY
    B= BJP
    C= Congress

    A Team
    B Team
    C Team

    hope now its clear to everyone now....

  25. Anonymous10:28 PM

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Anonymous10:29 PM

      This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    2. Sorry Mr. Anonymous, no obscenities allowed here here.

      Abuses will be removed.

  26. If Modi doesn't have time to file defamation case & You have the time, then why not try it? Go & file the defamation case from Modi's side. Whatever has been said from AAP is with full proof & all the proofs were shown live. If they have lied about any fact which is pending in court then file the 'Contempt of Court' case against him. In fact, court itself can take suo-moto action against AAP for doing that.
    You & Modi are welcome to file 'Defamation case' or 'Contempt of court' cases against Aam Aadmi.

    1. I too believe in "Janta ki Adaalat" like Aam Aadmi Party.

    2. People not filing defamation case against Kejriwal & Co. does not mean Kejriwal is always speaking truth.

      This exposé wasn't fool-proof. APTEL judgement is attached, which denied Adani coal blocks.

      As it looks, Modi - Adani relations are strained, and Adanis have been kept out of recent bidding for 3MW power supply to Gujarat.

      In effect, Modi tricked Adani in supplying cheap electricity to Gujarat and booted Adani from further bids much before AAP exposé.

      Now AAP is crying foul saying Modi cheated, knowing that it was Adani who was cheated by Modi.

      Is AAP Adaani ki dukaan? Food for thought.

    3. it means this is a u long u wl protect ur modi..keep doing..

    4. @vinoth Please disprove this lie. I will vote for Kejriwal in 2014 Lok Sabha if you do.

  27. No lokayukta in Guj for past 8 years despite supreme court rap and you still think modi is honest?amazing.And dont tell me that congress wanted to put its person as lokayukta.Let congress put anyone.If modi is clean and confident,whats his worry?

    1. Purpose of this blog entry is not to defend Modi / BJP/ Congress. Purpose of the blog is to expose AAP lies on which it targets unsuspecting people.

      Others may be robbers or thieves, but reminding everyone that others are robbers does not make AAP saint.

      AAP doesn't answer any questions put to it. Answer to any question about AAP's misdeeds is same - "BJP and Congress are thieves, so don't ask us questions".

      Lokayukta is a different issue. Don't divert from the core issue in this blog.

      Why did AAP lie to people that Modi gave away coal blocks to Adani, with Adani not supplying power to Gujarat? If you have the answer, please share.

      Your rant about corruption in BJP won't help you in skirting this question.

  28. Excellent analysis from the blog author. Such a blog has showed that even a political party and its supporters can get defensive when questioned by a common man. Interestingly the old trend continues- No answers to the questions asked. Only personal attacks. typical of leftists!

  29. Excellent article. I would love to dare all the AAP supporters to go find something to counter the claims made in this article.
    I strongly feel that AAP has always been the plan B of congress. They know they are losing their foothold, so floated Kejriwal. Do you think anybody in this country can live safely after directly attacking Robert Vadra and many other big-shots of congress? Kejri seems to be either a He-Man or an inside-man.

  30. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Sorry Mr. Aam Aadmi/Congressman.

      No abuses are entertained in the blog comment section.

    2. Mr. self-proclaimed Aam Aadmi,
      I have read your abusive comments.

      There is one thing you need to understand. This blog in no way defends Modi/Congress/BJP. Only thing it does is to expose Aam Aadmi Party's doublespeak.

      Modi may be corrupt, a villain or a saint. It hardly matters. What matters is that Modi being a villain does not make AAP or Kejriwal a saint.

      If you have anything to disprove the *specific* issue raised in this blog, please refute. Question raised here is, why did AAP say that Adani got coal for free when actually Adani ended up supplying cheap electricity and got no coal?

      There is no point talking about 2002 riots, Wharton, #CongressBJPBhaiBhai and of coarse Malnutrition. None of your rhetoric undoes the fact that AAP lied to common people in its exposé.

  31. Lamest article i have ever gone through ! Total Crap!

    1. Thanks for the feedback Mr. Self Proclaimed Aam Aadmi.

      What it means is you have nothing to debunk in the article.

  32. Where is the CAG report?

    1. This blog doesn't discuss any CAG report. It discusses AAP's dubious methodology of defaming & spreading lies to forward far-left political agenda.

  33. This Arvind Kejriwal is 100% Congressi. Everyone knows that our so called main stream media is chamcha of Congress high (low) command. The media projects all Arvind Kejriwal's allegations as truth. AK has thrown lot of mud on Nitin Gadkariji also. Has he followed up any one case to logical conclusion or has he filed any case anywhere using his fake allegations of "Hit and run" nature. He is good at throwing one stone and before it reaches ground, he would throw another and won't follow up any of his allegation. He is a proxy Congressman. NO DOUBT. There is no need of symbolic Gandhi Topi to be Gandhian. If one is wearing a Topi, it confirms that he wants to seek attention in the name of Gandhi.

  34. AAP is just another bunch of Naxal crooks who will eventually end sucking up to Congress criminality

  35. arvind kejriwal &copmany ka yek hi kaam hai ... Aarop lagaana ...kuch papers hava me dikhaanaa ... bhag jaana ... court to ye jaate hi nahi hain ... arvind kejriwal to Jan lokpal ka kaatil hai

  36. Gunny,

    You are definitely promoting Mr. Modi by maligning AAP. Here are your lies, "exposed" as you like to say it.

    Remember CoalGate? What was the corruption there? None of the mines were operational, but still it was a scam. It was a scam, because the government agreed to provide the coal almost free of charge.

    The same way, Mr. Modi sought to provide the coal to Adanies from Naini Blocks. That was corruption. Nothing else matters. Not even that they finally didn't get coal, as GMDC didn't completed FSA. The deal was corruption, and it happened.

    AAP never misguided the public, but you are doing that. AAP didn't hid anything, as the 5 things you wrote are irrelevant to the issue. The corruption was done, but Adani never got the coal blocks, because GMDC didn't enter into FSA, despite Modi's noting. Read part 2 of Adani deception here...

    Adani is purchasing costly coal from it's own company from malasia and asking for tariff hike.

    Also, read, why Adani is still supplying the electricity. They entered the deal at comparatively lower prices, because they were sure they will get coal from free. GMDC spoiled their game. Now they have to oblige their own agreement. They even tried to finish the matter by just paying Rs. 100 crores by declaring default, but failed (the aptel judgement you yourself have linked, did you read it?).

    The KSK issue was, that if KSK can and is providing the coal at 2.25, why allow Adani's bid of 2.35 (even if for a different tender)? Your "Proof" Modi's noting is irrelevant.

    Again, it's you misrepresenting the facts, not AAP.

    1. I will reply point-by-point to this comment as well.

      1. CoalGate example doesn't fit this exposé. I'll tell you why.
      (a) Modi's file noting was on the basis of representation of Adani Group that made a representation that it had tie-up with GMDC for supply of coal. It has been duely noted in APTEL order.
      Read point no. 46 on page 45 here -->

      (b) GUVNL and GMDC both come under the Gujarat govt. On one hand, Modi made a file noting that Adanis had tie up with GMDC and on the other hand he fought Adanis in court saying that coal won't be supplied. Both facts don't add up.

      2. Adani is indeed getting coal from its own source and asking for tariff hike, which is why Gujarat govt did not allow Adani to increase power tariff. What is the fault of Gujarat govt here?

      3. GMDC and GUVNL both fall under Modi. AAP claims that Modi transferred Mr. Jose for opposing Adani. But then Modi fought Adani on the same issue that Mr. Jose fought Adani on - over supply of coal.
      Therefore, AAP's claim doesn't stand good.

      3. KSK power started operations in 2001. Adanis started operations in 1996. It's obvious that govt will go with someone with more experience in power sector though it costs a fraction more. If Modi had gone with KSK, Kejriwal & Co. would have accused Modi of favoring an 'inexperienced' company and issued an 'exposé' on that. Cost is not the only criteria on shortlisting a company. Experience & expertise also is, along with many other factors.

      To conclude:
      This blog demolished AAP lie that "Adani walked away with coal blocks by NOT supplying power to Gujarat govt". You have not been able to prove that statement of AAP.

      On the contrary, by your own admission, you acknowledge that Adanis are indeed supplying power at promised rates and did not get any coal blocks.

      Thanks for acknowledging that my contention on AAP's lies is right. Now please ask AAP to remove their bogus 'exposé' on Modi if they have some conscience left.

      (AAP being a communist party, I know they have none, so they won't remove it).

    2. You claim to respond point by point, but there is no substance. How will we move forward like this. Let me rebutt you point by point.

      1. (a)You are wrong. Point 46 on page 45 was a representation while bidding. Read Point 47 as well. Adani can represent what ever he wants, but he didn't have a firm agreement with GMDC. Mr. Modi subsequently alloted 50% of naini coal blocks based on this representation? Adani asks, Modi gives. This is corruption, even if the delivery was not made because the postman (GMDC) refused. It is exactly like CoalGate.

      (b) Facts do add up. You are refusing to see it. It's your presumption that facts add up. Do you have any Idea why Modi does everything that he does? Anyways, It's irrelevant, why Mr. Modi is fighting Adani, may be for his commission. Your speculation is as good as mine.

      Rest of your points are just rhetoric, but if you want me to respond to any specific question, go ahead, and ask point blank.

      To conclude:
      There is coalgate type corruption, ditto, but you don't want to see it. It demolishes your claim of exposing AAP's expose. Your speculations, opinions and presumptions are not facts.

      Also, I asked you before and am asking you now, prove how AAP is communist or far-leftist as you say, or take back your words. Os is it a fact, because you say so?

      P.S. IF my own admissions are important to you, I admit that you are the most civil Modi supporter on the net. It's truth, even if I'm saying it on a lighter note. Kudose to you.

    3. Mitesh, I have the same complement to give you. You're thus far the most civil AAP supporter. I've got threats from AAP for writing this blog and your approach is different.

      As far as coalgate type corruption is concerned - Modi fooled Adani into supplying electricity at a cheap rate after making a false promise of supplying coal. It was Modi who fought him in the court later under GMDC.

      I reiterate - GMDC is under Modi govt. So GMDC denying coal is Modi denying coal.

      Do you think Adani would have agreed to supply electricity without that file noting?
      Instead of appreciating Modi's brilliance of fooling Adani into supplying cheap electricity without getting coal, you call it coalgate type corruption.

      In Coalgate, let me remind you that coal was allotted though not mined. In this case, a *proposal* was made - no actual allocation was done - let alone mining it.

      AAP is far-left because of their economic policies of state-controlled businesses, state-controlled price fixing of commodity, govt extraction of oil and opposition to privatization of any kind.

      Read more of their policy from AAP page itself -->

      AAP's leadership of Gopal Rai, Prashant Bhushan, Kamini Jaiswal etc. are all leftists. Gopal Rai was the leader of far-left students' association before joining AAP.

      AAP is also far-left because they use fear mongering and half-truths to malign their opponents and have a pact with Islamofascists like Imam Bukhari of Juma Masjid, who claims to be an ISI agent. AAP's Prashant Bhushan supports plebiscite in Kashmir and blames Indian intelligence agencies for hunting terrorist organisations like SIMI.

  37. Thank you for pointing out that.

    You say "Modi fooled Adani into supplying electricity at a cheap rate after making a false promise of supplying coal. It was Modi who fought him in the court later under GMDC.

    I reiterate - GMDC is under Modi govt. So GMDC denying coal is Modi denying coal.

    Do you think Adani would have agreed to supply electricity without that file noting?

    Instead of appreciating Modi's brilliance of fooling Adani into supplying cheap electricity without getting coal, you call it coalgate type corruption"

    This is not truth. Is there any proof of that Mr. Modi fooled Adanies for Gujarat? Please, don't get sucked into Mr. Modi's Propaganda hype. Just think, how ridiculous is this? This is Modi Bhakti. This is the same thing Congress supporters feel for Ms. Sonia.

    You are factually incorrect in saying that GMDC denying coal is Mr. Modi denying the coal. All the successes are of Mr. Modi, but failures are not. If at all, Mr. Modi fooled the public by filing the court case. Want to see what is brilliance? Adanies were worth less than 100 crores before Mr. Modi. Now they are 40,000 crore empire thanks to Mr. Modi. That's brilliance, if not corruption. And you are saying Mr. Modi fooled Adanies? This is sycophancy!

    You are also factually incorrect in saying that there was only "proposal", not allotment. Mr. Modi's noting was the allotment, except, GMDC didn't react upon it. IF the issue hadn't come to lime light, they may well have proceeded with that. Mr. Modi's noting is still in effect, and adanies require only FSA with GMDC. It's ditto coalgate.


    Now, for calling AAP far-leftist, you are providing no truth whatsoever. It's just perception. I mean come on. The only link you provide is from AAP site, which doesn't say anything about banning or reducing the privatization. If at all there is anything quote it here. This is not done my friend.

    You are on a mission to call AAP's bluff, but you yourself throw so much mud on AAP without any proof, just based on perception. Is it written of foreheads of Gopal Rai, Prashant, Kamini that they are far-leftist? Do you think you have proved your point. Had I given such arguement, that see Mr. Modi's this, this and this minister is corrupt, so BJP is corrupt, would you be satisfied? You may say, none of the corruptions have been proved (yet), but then it isn't proved that AAP is far-leftist. This is Mr. Modi's propaganda. AAP is not against privatization. They are against cronyism. Arvind has openly said so in his wharton address, amongst many other videos.

    I urge you again, please read the Modi's Lokayukta act. It's very important.

  38. If you're assuming that I'll answer all your questions because I'm "defending" Modi, you're wrong.

    I'll only answer questions that is your specific defense to AAP allegations.

    The only thing you can crucify Modi is on that file noting which was made but *never implemented* by Modi himself. In fact, Modi acted exact opposite to the file noting BEFORE AAP even existed.

    If you think that's corruption, then you have solved the big mystery my friend. You need a big round of applause. Forgive me if I sound too sarcastic - because I am.

    Only problem is that AAP claimed that Adani walked away with coal and did not give power to Gujarat - which was a lie, and you've still not been able to disprove it.

    I don't have any time to waste on answering AAP-style nonsensical allegations against Modi. That's not my job, and that's not why I'm here.

    As far as far-left argument is concerned, since you yourself are a leftist, you don't see what's left-politics. I don't have time to waste on convincing you about this either.

    If you want to believe Kejriwal's nonsensical argument that "AAP is neither right, nor left", continue believing in it.

  39. I'm not assuming anything here. You are.

    By your own admission, Modi fooled Adanies. I don't think so. But even if he did so, why? Why did Mr. Modi fooled Adanies? And why are you backing a person who fools others? And when you are supporting Mr. Modi, who according to you fooled Adani, what problem you have with AAP fooling others?

    Mr. Modi's fooling (which is corruption) stands, but when AAP says Adanies walked away with coal, you have problem. Why different yeard sticks for Modi and AAP? Mr. Modi actually did something, either corruption or fooling Adani. AAP only cried theft, theft, but for you AAP is bigger criminal than Mr. Modi. That;s saying something.

    Calling me leftist doesn't prove your point. FYI, I am inclined to free market economy and thus capitalist. But that's not the point. All you are doing is claims, not proving them.

    1. AAP cried "Theft, Theft!! - Adani walked away with coal and did not give electricity as he promised."

      Prove it.

    2. Adani did walk away with coal, gunny. It's proved ipos facto. He can still take the coal if he wants. CM's noting is not void yet.

      Now let's here your proofs.

    3. Read the APTEL order.

      There is no Fuel Supply Agreement(FSA) between Adani and GMDC on coal blocks.

      Adanis can't take coal without FSA even if file notings exist.

    4. Why are you deliberately not seeing the truth and beating around the bush, raising irrelevant concerns?

      Mr. Modi signed a note, directing GMDC to give Adanies 50% of naini Coal Block. This was corruption, ditto coalgate style. Mr. Modi's this note is not void, yet, officially.

      I have read APTEL order twice, and nowhere is any mention of Mr. Modi's directives to GMDC to give Adanie's 50% of coal blocks being reversed, aborted, discontinued or considered void. Is there? So Mr. Modi's directives are still in effect, right?

      Why GMDC didn't do FSA is for GMDC to explain, but Mr. Modi didn't stop GMDC doing this FSA. There is no official correspondence from Mr. Modi to this effect, like there is one directing GMDC for allotment of the naini coal blocks to Adanies. Or did Mr. Modi phoned GMDC behind the curtain, instead of passing an order or signing a note?

      In short, Ditto CoalGate Style, Adanies did walk away with the coal blocks after all. When GMDC does (or doesn't, as this is exposed) the FSA, and when Adanies use or not these coal blocks, if FSA, as directed by the CM is accomplished, are concerns not relevant to this particular case of corruption/collusion/cronyism.

      Analyze this simple pseudo-event.

      Mr. Modi makes a noting for state treasurer to give Adanies 10 Million Rs. from state treasury. Now irrespective of whether the state treasurer gives the gold to Adanies or not, Mr. Modi did engage in the corruption. Not only that, Adanies walked away with a CM noting worth 10 Million Rs. and they will encase it as and when they want it. Simply because the noting is not encashed doesn't mean there is no corruption, or Adanies didn't walk away with 10 Million Rs.

      Is this rocket science?

    5. This comment has been removed by the author.

    6. Adani should join AAP for being a brain-dead zombie for not having "encashed" the file noting by Lord himself.

      Instead, Adani chose not use the magical file noting, and imported coal using money from own pocket and gave power to Gujarat at his cost. What a moron.

      Now when time comes, Adani will use the magical Lord-send file-noting and force GMDC to sign FSA to keep all 'allotted' coal for himself. No one can stop him from forcing GMDC into signing FSA because of the "magical" file noting which is "not null/void".

      Coalgate was done in exchange of nothing but puny amount of money to govt. Allocation was completed. In contrast, here coal was proposed to be allotted for cheap electricity to govt & allocation procedure was not completed as FSA was signed in spite of file noting. Even before that, Modi govt fought Adani in court.

      Do you not have enough brains to know that FSA signing will again be reviewed by the govt at a future date? Especially so because now govt has got power without giving any coal that too legally approved by courts. If Modi's noting had any value for Adani, APTEL would've directed GMDC & Adani to sign FSA rather than kicking Adani.

      Go waste someone else's time with your foolish logic, or join AAP's pol-khol team to issue more such idiotic exposé.

    7. You are definitely being blind here. You want to worship Mr. Modi blindly, like you have shown here, do so, but don't misguide others.

      You claimed to expose something, and now you are calling others names, just because you are shown you are mistaken. All you have s perceptions.

      I have enough brains to see that you want to defend Mr. Modi at any cost. That's your prerogative, but everything else is rhetoric and your speculations. While I am using the proofs you provided to show you how you erred, you justify your claim by calling Adanies fool.

      Read the APTEL judgement, as it seems you havn't. The plea was to cancel the contract, not to get the coal. Had it been a plea to get the coal, Adani would've won.

      You are wasting time of many people and worse, misguiding them by this blog, why you yourself can't defend your claims.

      Gunny, you have been exposed. You have no substance to talk about. Just rhetoric and skewed logic, with hidden agendas to Propagate Mr. Modi's farces, by maligning AAP.

    8. This comment has been removed by the author.

    9. One final debunking of your claim and I'm done with you.

      Since FSA was not signed, if Adani had gone to court for allocation of coal armed with the file noting saying that based on that noting he wants FSA to be signed with GMDC, court would have kicked him anyway.

      That's because file noting *can be annulled* by govt *without* permission from Adani or any beneficiary.

      FILE NOTING IS NOT AN AGREEMENT. Govt or any party cannot legally cancel an agreement without meeting criteria for cancellation in the terms of agreement.

      File noting has no face value for Adani to be "armed" with it. That's precisely why he did not go to court with it.

      I have been patiently answering your nonsensical questions. Your intention is not to defend AAP's claim, but to prove Modi "corrupt" at any cost. You may be persistent, but you have not proved a thing what AAP claimed - "Adani walked away with coal and did not provide electricity". You did not even prove it remotely.

      I have no interest to defend Modi's corruption record since I am not his lawyer. But AAP's lies will be called, I guarantee you that.

      As far as name calling is concerned, you have covertly and overtly called me "Modi Bhakt" many times. Did I respond in kind or even complain about it? Now that you've accused me of calling names, let me oblige by calling you a "Khujli Bhakt" who are category of people allergic to any ideology other than own.

      Since your brain's grey matter cannot process logic and you're only target is proving Modi is corrupt at any cost, go take a hike.

    10. @Gunny: "Khujli Bhakt" is a very dignified remark for AAP standards and not calling names. The guy whom you are responding to would be elated to hear that. If one says, that AAPtards are sheep-like (in being brainless) and dog-like (in extending blind loyalty to kejri) animals, then I would consider it name calling!!

  40. Gunny, You are nonsensical, and everything else you accuse me of. Otherwise, you would use evidences and logic, instead of rhetoric and perceptions.

    You have failed to substantiate any claim made by you yourself, and are now resorting to name calling and abuse, showing your true colors of being a paid Modi promotor and propagandist.

    You stand more and more exposed, the more you do it. Thank you for that. I have shown you the laughable leaps of faith (misconceived perceptions) of your story, but you remain loyal to your paymaster.

    I am indeed defending AAP's claim. You are bringing Modi and Adanies. As AAP claim is indeed their corruption, proving Modi Corrupt, which he is, is what I have done. In spite of your grand statements about not defending Mr. Modi, thats exactly what you have done.

    With each of your comment you come with a new "Thing", and once I debunk that, You come with another. With increasing abuses all the time. This "Thing", now is "CAN BE ANNUL:ED", which I have clearly shown "HAS NOT BEEN ANNULED". Going to courts is out of question, as the Adanies only have to go to GMDC, to encash the note, not court.

    After this whole issue being exposed, no one is going to court, but the corruption happened before that.

    File noting of CM has no value? What BS. Then why the hell did the file noting?

    You say you have no intension of defending Mr. Modi, but read all the comments you have made. All you are doing is defending Mr. Modi.

    You can't defend a single claim of your own making and expect to expose AAP. I'll like to see you do that. I assue you I will do my best to understand and clarify every word you write for myself and others, when you do that.

    I have no response for your name calling and abuses. You are right. I will go to any extent to expose Mr. Modi's corruption, but name calling and abuses are not part of this any extent. I don't need them either, when there are enough proofs to be shown, for those willing to understand.

    I proved what I intended to, and it's for readers of this comment section to decide, who exposed whom. I'm sure that you will find many updates to be made to your original article (even if in the end), if you re-read the comments. I'm sure you will not add them, knowing your agenda, but hey, I tried.

    You are wrong on all counts.Read this

  42. you havn't denied what fact kejriwal shared he s the man of courage

    1. Kejriwal has lot of courage to fool people indirectly into helping the Congress win elections.

  43. the missing link is i think due to some restructuring on the site. i can find the same here.

    please update your post with this link.

    1. Thanks for the observation. I have updated the links. I noted that some document links on new webpage are also broken on AAP website.


  45. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  46. MITESH u r spot on.. BJP has realized who its gravedigger is....

  47. a simple question, when Gujarat govt's own dept said they can offer electricity at Rs 2.25/unit. whey modi went to adani for power. first explain this then we will discuss further. if modi would have bought it for Rs 2.25 from its own dept then there will be no issue..

    1. KSK Energy was established in 2001. Total experience in 2007: 6yrs.

      Adani Power was established in 1996. Total experience in 2007: 11yrs.

      1. A company with 11yrs (10+ yrs) experience is better placed at meeting energy goal in less amount of time.
      2. GMDC was to supply coal to KSK for power, and power supply would be the liability of GMDC (with coal transferred to KSK Energy), in the event of GUVNL signing contract with GMDC. However, the agreement with Adani group meant that liability was that of Adani group with or WITHOUT the coal supply.

      Gujarat govt most likely entered into an agreement with Adani based on above two factors - higher experience and lowering of risk and liability.

      If the deal was signed with GMDC, 2.25/unit would be AFTER supply of coal. But now as it stands after court verdict, Adani is supplying power at 2.35/unit WITHOUT coal supply.

      Which deal is better? Of coarse at 2.35/unit without coal supply. It works out cheaper for Gujarat govt.

  48. this arrogant farzival is a hybrid of ISI , CIA , communists ,Maoists & naxalites . I can't believe any true bharat citizen can have heart to malign the most patriotic leader modi who works 24x 7 for 365/366 days only for NATION FIRST .


    1. @Vipin Kumar - This is the correct line of thinking. Now it is becoming evident that the very reason AAP was formed was to break the IAC movement and was just being kept as a trump card by the Congress to be used at an opportune moment. The most important thing to be exposed next is the amount of money that Kejri is receiving from Congress. Being an accounts guy himself, it may be difficult to nail Kejri on his corruption unless a divine will pushes him to a sting!!



  52. Mayank--this is what i found out .Read it and i think its not from TOI or AAJ TAK.
    I can still take the argument its not valid. How ever to get exct details need more time may be mine 10 days but i ll now fnd out truth ......

  53. adani deal:

    1) There are two deals of adani with gujrat state government at 2.35 and 2.89 per unit.
    Adani application for cancelling the 2.35 deal is pending in Supreme Court while he is still supplying at 2.89.

    We will go one by one:

    a) For contract of 2.35, ADANI showed source of coal from Japan and Germany, indonesia, INDIA
    MOU with japan and germany were shown to govt, assuring coal supply.

    b) PPA was signed for supplying 2.35 per unit to Gujarat Urja Vikas Nigam Ltd.(GUVN)

    c) The PPA was signed on February 2, 2007 but as per the agreement, Adani had to supply electricity from January 4, 2010.
    Just 5 days before supplying, ADANI refused to supply.
    Reason: Lack of coal.
    GMDC(Gujarat Mineral Development Corporation) refused to provide coal to Adani.
    AdANI cancelled its coal deal with Japan and Germany.


    Why did local GMDC refused supply to adani? Do consinder, they are local?

    Why did he cancelled the deals with Japan and Germany to get extra coal?

    If company fails to honour agreement 5 days before commencement, its blacklisted ?
    Why no action was taken.

    d) ADANI went to Gujarat Electricity Regulatory Commission to cancel the PPA(agreement) but GERC decieded against ADANI

    e) ADANI went to Appellate Tribunal For Electricity to cancel PPA but lost there also.
    ie what is in you blog- the link.

    f) ADANI had to supply power at 2.35 but then approached Central Electricity Regulatory Commission (CERC)
    to increase the tariffs.
    Reason: Lack of coal.
    (just showing Indonesia as source, cancelling contracts with germany and japan.
    Earliar it showed germany and japan source for coal).

    Question ?
    Why did he cancelled the deals with Germany and Japan for coal when he was in short supply of coal?

    e) CERC allowed for temperary increase in tariff.

    Imagine, temperarily, at what price they sold- 5.5/unit.(This 5.5 price is not confirmed, may be more).

    Gujrat Govt never challenged CERC in any court.

    Why didnt govt challenged in any court?.

    Who paid the money.- Gujrati people.

    g)Now adani supplying at 2.35 but application pending in supreme court for cancellation.

    2)For PPA at 2.89, All the more,
    smaller producers are ready to supply electricity at the rate of Rs 2.20 per unit,

    Why this largesse towards the Adani group?.