Monday, February 10, 2014

Modi Did Nothing for Gujarat. It Was Already Developed.

Already Developed
I talked to my cousin after a long gap of 1 year. Earlier, we used to converse very often though both of us are on different poles when it comes to politics. I stand on the right on economy and political leaning, and he stands on the left in both areas.

Since we caught up after about a year, I learned that he had found his political alternative he was desperately looking for in the form of the party of super clean souls in India. When I asked him about his views on Narendra Modi, he told me that he did not favor Modi because Modi had done nothing in the past 12 years in Gujarat as a CM. He told me that Modi was only about media hype. He said that Gujarat had already been developed much before Narendra Modi assumed the position of CM of the state.

No New Development
I understood that case here was to find a way out of supporting Narendra Modi by giving the reasons of "no development", because 2002 riots arguments won't fly in the backdrop of several judgements of the judiciary. But there was no easy way to counter in one shot, his argument - "Modi has done nothing, because Gujarat was already developed before he came in".

I therefore have penned this blog to list the items that Gujarat did not have before Modi assumed office. This blog piece will serve as a ready reference to educate people with specific details on what Gujarat gained by having Narendra Modi as the CM.

A Check Dam

The List
All of the below are new initiatives exclusively pioneered by Narendra Modi government, and did not exist before.
  1. 24x7 Uninterrupted Power Supply across all of Gujarat's approximately 18,000 villages.
  2. Statewide drinking water grid for efficient water distribution.
  3. SWAGAT system for grievance redressal.
  4. 5 lakh new check dams: Now Gujarat is the only state in India where water table is rising.
  5. e-Governance through broadband connectivity of ALL government offices.
  6. Digitization of PDS distribution through Biometric Raiton cards.
  7. Transparency portal for targeted PDS.
  8. Asia's biggest solar power farm.
  9. Solar panel cover (experimental) for 1 km over the Narmada Canal.
  10. State-wide adoption of micro irrigation technology.
  11. Ahmedabad BRTS.
  12. e-Dhara: Complete computerization of land records.
  13. Sabarmati Riverront
  14. Interlinking of rivers of Gujarat.

Note: This list will keep growing as I learn of more exclusive initiatives of Narendra Modi. If you know of more items that could be added to this list, please mention in the comments section with appropriate links to details.


  1. Anonymous3:31 PM

    Pls add Soil Health Card to the list.

  2. Pls add better roads, industries, employment opportunity, awards