Wednesday, March 26, 2014

BJP-Congress Alliance in Sikkim: AAP lie nailed

It is a fact that Congress and AAP formed a government together in Delhi. AAP was supposed to stand alone and neither give or take support of any party. At least that is what their leader Kejriwal had promised. But being famous for his U-turns, he took it again and tied up with Congress and voluntarily quit the govt in 49 days.

Each time AAPtards are reminded of their time in bed with Congress, they always point to BJP-Congress alliance in Sikkim. They quote some media reports of alliance. Some of them can be accessed here and here.

Below are some AAPtard tweets:

Let us analyze how much truth exists in these reports and AAPtard claims.

Report on 2009 election statistics report from Chief Electoral Officer, Sikkim can be accessed HERE. This is the primary source of reference for this blog and not some news reports.

Let's turn to page 5 of 48 (page#7 in the PDF file).

What you need to know before we go further.

  1. Sikkim has 32 Assembly Seats.
  2. SDF has almost always won all seats for a very long time.

Who contested 2009 Sikkim elections?

Many parties contested the election, with CPI(M), SDF, BJP & Congress being the recognized parties. I have taken a screenshot of the page 5 of 48(page#7 in the PDF file) (click photo to enlarge).

As it can be seen, out of 32 seats:
  • Congress contested ALL 32
  • BJP contested 11
  • CPM contested 3

It is also seen that:
  • SDF contested ALL 32
  • SDF won all ALL 32

What is noteworthy is that if there was an alliance, Congress would not have contested on all the 32 seats and left some seats for the "alliance partner" BJP. But in reality, Congress contested all 32 seats. The above chart from Election Commission of India proves that BJP and Congress did not have any alliance.

AAPtard Counter Argument

AAPtards are likely to argue that BJP contested only 11 seats, CPM 3 so they each left the remaining 21 & 29 seats respectively for Congress to win. First of all, such an alliance never takes place. When an alliance happens, seat-sharing talks happen and seats are shared among the allies.

If there is even one seat where all "allied" parties contest, it automatically means that there is no alliance between them.

I move to page 43 of 48 in the document (page# 45 in PDF file). Below is the screenshot (click photo to enlarge).

As can be seen, in this constituency, BJP, Congress and CPI(M) all contested the election. Look at the number of votes BJP won - 1.58%. If there was an alliance, all the parties would not have contested this seat together. There are many more such seats.

Even if there was to be an alliance, BJP had to be a significant player in the region. BJP has < 2% vote share, which is of absolutely no help to Congress.


Sikkim is now ruled by SDF, which is a party different from Congress and BJP. So there is no "post-poll" alliance of BJP & Congress wither. When I told an AAPtard about SDF, he told me that SDF is "Congress and BJP ruling". I did not go to argue further.

To know more about SDF, visit the Wikipedia page.


AAPtards are spreading false news reports that say that Congress and BJP had an alliance in Sikkim. Election Commission data completely disproves it. Even the Wikipedia page on 2009 Sikkim Assembly elections doesn't talk about any alliance between BJP & Congress.

It is time AAPtards stopped spreading these lies, which we all know they won't. Facts do not depend on lies. Fact remains that BJP and Congress have never allied in any state or national level elections, but AAP and Congress have.


  1. why r u expecting any sanity or logic from aaptards?

    1. its not any expectation from them. but one thing for sure, we are getting to know about us very well and also the media. How a paper like "the Hindu" has posted such news. Also hope that they get some sense. After all they are indians too. :)

    2. "The Hindu" is a Congress and atheist paper. The word is misleading. Read about N Ram in Wikipedia. If it is indeed true that "The Hindu" printed that as news and not views. They can and should be questioned in an open letter to the editor and exposed.

  2. Your blog shows that there was no pre poll alliance.
    Also, If BJP and INC didn't win any seat, how can there be any post poll alliance?
    So basically, there was no BJP-Cong alliance in Sikkim 2009.

  3. Ever heard of something called friendly contest? It has happened in past with two alliance partners strategically contesting in few seats against each other to ensure victory (cast generally plays a role here).

    Disclaimer - I m not an AAPtard, Nor MODIbhakt or a Congi!!

  4. 1.You assessment is based upon the assumption that only seat sharing is the possibility in the coalition , It not Just the Hindu but various other news agencies like indiatoday ,sify etc reported the same story.
    It is also beyond logic that if Congress was spreading this false news through its paid sources what benefit would they achieve ,in 2009 they were already in power and BJP was still visionless i.e no Modi Wave etc etc

    2 Example:.MNS Raj thakray agreed to support modi as PM after Mr Gadkari met him before election ,but he said he support them from Outside (without seat sharing) and will not be part of NDA because shivsena (His rival) was part of NDA
    3. If this story was wrong why didn't BJP followed this up and seek apology from this newspapers
    4. Now sure who updated the wikipedia but "2009 Sikkim Assembly election" also has mention of BJP+CONG+CPM alliance ,Why is this not challanged yet by any party. What are they afraid of.